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Placement and Recruitment

JCL has been providing staffing services to MNCs and local companies in Japan for the last 2 years.
We specialize in presenting candidates who possess the highest level of skills and business attitude
in multilingual business environment.

For job seekers
This is a service where JCK introduces suitable candidate to companies which employ
mid-term staff in accordance with our clients' requirements.

Send us your resume online for us to review.

JCK supports our clients by introducing and placing the right personnel to the right jobs in order
to meet their requirements.
1. Structure of "Temporary Staffing" Service
2. How to Utilize "Temporary Staffing" Service
3. Flow-Chart of "Temporary Staffing" Service
1. Structure of "Temporary Staffing" Service
A working relationship of "Temporary Staffing" Service is based on that of three parties; i.e. the client company, the staff/employee and JCK. The temporary staff/employee offers a workforce based on the instructions of the client company, but the pertinent contract is made between the staff/employee and JCK. The staff/employee receives payment for service from JCK. The client company enters into a "Temporary Staffing" contract with JCK.
2. How to Utilize "Temporary Staffing" Service
There are several ways of utilizing "Temporary Staffing" Service. The following cases will be explanatory to understanding this service in detail.

- When you need a workforce only during the peak business period
- When you have some business transaction which can only be handled by professionals.
- When you would like to save time and cost in connection with recruiting and training of your own staff/employees.
- When one of your own staff/employees must take a long period of absence and you need to supplement with someone possessing the same level of skills.
3. Flow-Chart of "Temporary Staffing" Service

(I) Client companies are invited to make any kind of inquiry to JCK for staffing service.
(II) A meeting will be arranged for the client company and JCK to confirm the nature of work, candidate's personality and skills.
(III) JCK will select appropriate candidates on the basis of the above meeting.
(IV) JCK introduces a candidate to a client company and a related contract of "Temporary Staffing" Service will be signed between the client company and JCK.
(V)The selected staff will be dispatched to the client company to commence working on the date designated by the company.
(VI) Our sales representative is fully responsible for after-care, and will pay periodical visits to the client company to look after the candidate/staff.

Companies seeking candidates
Speak with us regarding your needs and requirements.

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