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Privacy Policy

JCK Co.Ltd, (hereafter referred to as "JCK") respects and protects your rights to privacy and utilizes the following practices in regards to any information ( hereafter referred to as "Personal Information/ Personal Data" ) we are provided or obtain concerning users of this website. This policy is effective for the website"URL:www.jck.co.jp" on the Internet, and other websites and pages that are designated as the "Official JCK Website". In order to provide you with our service, we may require you to provide certain personal information to us. Information collected will be handled under strict control.

1.What Information We Collect

JCK is committed to your privacy. We utilize your personal data to make flight/hotel reservation and to support your customer relationship with us. Information collected on the Official JCK Website for service purposes include reservation and booking information, transmission of mail brochures, customer surveys and information on special product campaigns. When you access to our official website, the IP address, browser information, date, the information collected by the cookie residing on your browser, and the record of how many times you have visited our website will be automatically recorded. Personal information will be collected in accordance with procedures complying with the related governing laws.

2.How We Utilize the Information

JCK fully respects your privacy and collects information with clear delivery of utilization purposes and information on the extent to which your data will be collected. Accurate and up-dated information will be recorded to provide you with the best service possible.

3.Information Sharing

JCK will not share any personal data acquired through the website with a Third Party, other than for the following reasons:
- When we have your permission;
- When, in compliance with Article 23-2 of the Privacy Protection Act, we need to disclose your personal data to a Third Party in order to meet your requests to remove your information from the system;
- When we are obliged to cooperate with law enforcement authorities;
- When the situation calls for emergency measures( when life, health or property and possessions are endangered), and when it is not possible to obtain your consent in advance;
- When issues related to public health, and child welfare & development are concerned, and it is not possible to obtain your consent in advance;
- When we need to comply with requests from national institutions and/or local public organizations or third parties who have been entrusted with law-related operations, and when it is not possible to obtain your consent in advance;

4.Regarding Cookies

The cookie is a small text that resides on your hard drive in order to facilitate retrieval of stored information on your browser. The cookie resides on your browser for a limited span of time. It is necessary for the Official JCK Website to utilize the cookie for certain services within our site such as:
- When user input is necessary and when there is a need to recognize previously consented information;
- When there is a need to analyze the number of user visits to and past records of utilization of our official website.


    Please feel free to make bus availability/price inquiry via email or fax.

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