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Strawberry gathering

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Kinds of strawbery:
There are more than 100 kinds of strawberry, this plant is good for selectionB Famous brands of strawbery are like a signboard to the provinces where they were selected and are cultivated. Please see the introduction of some brandsI

strawberry variety: loveberry strawberry variety: akihime strawberry variety: benihope
Tochiotome - was selected in Tochigi prefecture in 1996,the berries are sweet and large.
Tochihime - it can be bought only in the garden of cultivation directly,a symbolic brand of Tochigi prefecture
Fusanoka - basicly sweet with slight sour notes and aroma of a peach
Junbou - brand selected in Chiba prefecture, with big sweet and juicy berries
Akihime - cone-shaped or round sweet berries,produced in Sizuoka prefecture

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Strawbery gathering plan
Strawberry buffet 30 minutes, bus transferm, lunch, excursions nearby, guide. There are a lot of different plans, depending on a brand of strawberry and excursions.
Welcome to make inquiry via email.
Please select itinerary, destination, number of PAX, course and we will send you quotation.

All year round fruits and vegetables gathering plan
Not only strawberry, we also have such plans like gathering peaches, cherries, grapes etc.

There plenty of strawberry`s brands. You can create the course you like.

TimeFbeginning of Jan - mid of May
This brand has big berries with sweet taste and pleasant aroma. In Japanese A stands for akai, Ma for marui, O for Ooki, U for umai, wich means red, round, big and tasty.

TimeFbeginning of Jan - mid of May
This brand is often sold in the supermarkets of Kanto region.It is produced in Tochigi prefecture. This brand has big berries, it is a little bit more sour than AmaOU.

TimeFbeginning of Jan - mid of May
The brand produced in Saga prefecture. It is sweet, almost without sour taste, with very large berries.

TimeFbeginning of Jan - mid of May
It has balance of sweet and sour taste.It contains a large amount of vitamin CAso it recommended for health care.

TimeFbeginning of Jan - mid of May
Its pecularity is long shaped berriesB The berries are very soft, it makes transportation difficult. The best way to enjoy this brand is to gather it yourself.

TimeFbeginning of Jan - mid of May
This brand is well - known and popular in western Japan.

TimeFbeginning of Jan - mid of May.
It is a symbolic strawberry`s brand of Eastern Japan, the sweet and sour taste are well balanced.

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